The Early Years

PCS was established in 1981 as the primary supplier of information technology services to the Jamaican shipping industry. The company holds the distinction of being the pioneer in the computerization of the Port of Kingston.


Incorporation of Port Computer Services Limited (PCS)

PCS entered a partnership  with COSMOS, a leading developer and supplier of  aterminal operating system, to provide the Container Tracking Solution for the Kingston Container Terminal.


Wharfage Information System (WIS) was developed and deployed to Kingston Wharves Limited. The solution  facilitates the management of  revenue for wharf companies – it includes core processes from  data entry to the calculation of charges, generation of invoices, receipts and container gate-passes.


PCS acquired a second IBM System 38 to accommodate increased utilization by a growing customer base.

PCS introduced hand-held technology to the Port of Kingston.  This was used to capture information at ship side, allowing for immediate data bank update of containers. This development marked the first time hand-held technology was being used on the Island.


PCS engineered  the  software programme to manage the first NCB Publish Share Issue

Personal Computer  interface was created by PCS to move data between System 38  and the hand- held  devices - a first, in  Jamaica and the region.

PCS   developed a suite of  software solutions  for the Shipping Association of Jamaica (SAJ) – the  entity  charged with the responsibility  to regulate the daily supply and management of certain categories of labour on the Port and also to acts on behalf of its members in initiatives to advance industrial relations, training, security, information..   The suite comprised of :

  • CESS Management Solution
  • Pension Management
  • Port Workers Payroll


IBM AS/400  which maintains a reputation internationally as being one of the most robust servers was acquired to replace the two System 38 servers, effectively increasing the company's information processing capacity by 100%.


Acquired graphical operational software from Belgium to manage yard, vessel and equipment at Kingston Container Terminal

The region's first fully automated Berth Planning Solution was developed by PCS.


Developed Agent Information System (AGIS) allowing Agents to input manifest information  manually or electronically for quick retrieval and billing of charges.   PCS also developed Paragon, an accounting-based software package for the shipping industry and the wider business community.

PCS established an industry Wide Area Network (WAN) for the local shipping industry


PCS entered the regional market with the implementation of its  Wharfage Information Systems (WIS) at St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority in St. Kitts.


Developed and deployed ADiS, a Demurrage Management  Solution for Assessment & Recoveries  Limited a collection agent.


PCS forged a partnership with the  developers of Fortis Enterprise Document Management Software to offer their suite of solutions in the region.

Partnership signed with Microsoft Solutions to offer their Dynamic Solutions and other Microsoft offerings in Jamaica.


PCS developed and launched an integrated  Interactive Voice Response  with the labour deployment system for the Shipping Association of Jamaica.

 Partnership signed with Vintage Point Solution to offer their Human Resource Management Solution in the region.

PCS the commencement of the development of the ADVANTUM Suite of solutions. One of the first contracts signed was to deploy ADVANTUM Port Manager replacing  the Wharfage Information System (WIS) developed in 1988.


PCS took the bold step to enhance  their business continuity solutions by launching  the brand DataVault.  DataVault offers two software solutions to allow for business continuity in the aftermath of a disaster or total system failure.  It includes Online Backup and Server Hosting.

PCS launched its Server Hosting Solution in partnership with telecoms giant Digicel Jamaica Limited.

Today PCS has catapulted into a modern Information Technology Company which boasts state of the art equipment and software. PCS has also reengineered its products and services to meet a wider cross section of the business community.


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