ADVANTUM EAGENT - 'A Dream Come True'

Users of the newest shipping-related software ADVANTUM eAGENT have described the solution as a "dream come true" for their business operations.




Andrew Massias (left), chief executive officer (CEO) of Island Networks, makes a point to Elaine Hayden, general managerof ADVANTUM, and Harriat Maragh, CEO of Lannaman and Morris Shipping Limited. The executives were sharing a light moment after the launch of ADVANTUM's eAGENT software on September 26.


Speaking at the official launch of the product on September 26, several users credited the software for eliminating many of their operational challenges and increasing productivity.


"Before getting this software, I was going grey," Harriat Maragh, chief executive officer (CEO) of Lannaman and Morris Shipping, joked during his testimonial.


On a more serious note, the shipping executive said the business intelligence software has enabled improved operational management capabilities, automated manifest information for the quick retrieval of data, facilitated efficiency, improved productivity and has provided robust security for his business operations.


"Your principals will be happy as all your monthly reports will be on time," Maragh said. Most important, he pointed out, the software will reduce operational costs. Lannaman & Morris has no IT staff, as their entire IT needs are met by ADVANTUM.


Christine Johnston, marketing manager, Jamaica Freight and Shipping Limited, who gave a detailed presentation, outlined the many benefits of ADVANTUM eAGENT. "We represent several lines that send their bills of lading in different formats, ADVANTUM eAGENT converts the format from the principals to the standardised format needed by Jamaica Customs," Johnston said.




Among the many benefits she listed are: reduction in the use of paper, automatic billing of charges, the ability to send arrival notices automatically and reducing turnaround time, interfacing with their accounting programmes allowing for improved collections and the provision of customised reports.


Connecting via telephone from Haiti, Reginald Villard of Reginald Villard Agent Maritime, the first regional company to purchase the software integrated with ADVANTUM FINANCIALS, credits ADVANTUM for allowing his business to grow. "We have been able to get more market share with these standards that allow us to do our job at the highest level," Reginald said.


Asif Williams, business development manager at Transocean Shipping Limited, the newest users of the system and first to use the cloud version of the software, ADVANTUM eAGENT, described the benefits to operations as "tremendous". "The electronic manifest feature of the software is a dream come true for us," Williams said. He commended the ADVANTUM team's excellent analysis of the business needs and for being proactive in addressing these needs.


The launch saw ADVANTUM honouring several clients who were the first to utilise their new suite of software products.


St Kitts Air & Seaport Authority - first customer for Advantum Port Manager.


Jamaica Freight & Shipping - first customer to migrate from AGIS to Advantum Agent.


Reginald Villard Maritime - first regional customer with integrated Advantum Agent & Financials.


Kingston Logistics Centre - first customer for Advantum Agent with Logistics.


Transocean Shipping - first customer for Advantum eAgent.


ADVANTUM is the leading IT service provider to more than 30 entities in the local and regional shipping industry and beyond. ADVANTUM focuses especially on systems development and maintenance, application hosting, hot site (backup) services, Internet and network services. ADVANTUM holds the distinction of being the pioneer in the computerisation of the Port of Kingston, one of the hemisphere's premier and most strategically located transhipment ports. The company is a subsidiary of the Shipping Association of Jamaica.



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