FINANCIALS is an accounting package that has been developed to cater to the financial accounting needs of members of the shipping industry as well as commercial entities in the wider business community. This accounting solution provides seamless integration of critical areas of accounting, namely; general ledger, journal voucher, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets and cash management.


Base Modules and User Functions

Our core modules are:


General Ledger

  • Definition of general ledger and sub-ledger accounts.
  • Budgeting.
  • General ledger and trial balance reports.
  • Monthly updates of general ledger and sub-ledger balances
  • Financial year close off
  • Late entry adjustment
  • General ledger rerun


Accounts Payables

  • Processing of transactions with suppliers of goods and services.
  • Due-date monitoring of purchase invoices
  • Payment by cheques 
  • Provides history of payments made to each vendor



Accounts Receivables
Generation of invoices, receipts and credit notes



Journal Voucher
Creation and processing of journals and recurring journals



Fixed Assets

  • Maintenance of fixed assets
  • Fixed asset depreciation posting
  • Fixed asset register generation
  • Fixed assets revaluation
  • Relocation of a fixed asset
  • Asset Disposal
  • Recording of insurance information



Cash Management

  • Recording and approval of bank deposits
  • Bank reconciliation




  • Financial reports
  • Audit trails
  • Customer statements


Optional Modules

The system offers the following optional features:


Ship Module

  • Facilitates the capture of ship and ship reported date information which may be included in transactions processed by the system Project Tracking
  • The system allows the recording of and reporting on transactions for capital and activity projects.


Features & Benefits 

  • Multi-currency processing
  • Mutli-company processing
  • Automation of processes
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Code driven
  • Quick retrieval of information through search facilities
  • Report generator that will enable customers to create user defined reports
  • Transaction authorization based on limit and currency










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