Port Manager

advantum logo  PORT MANAGER is a modular approach to the delivery of solutions. Built for operation in a port or agent environment, it is a powerful platform to manage their operations and drive efficiencies. The system seeks to optimize the operations of its ports and shipping agents as well as logistics centres. In a multi-currency environment, manifest information can be inputted manually or imported electronically for retrieval and billing of charges, either standard or user defined. All system data is available to meet the needs of management, users and all stakeholders with accurate and timely customized reporting.


Base Modules & User Function

Our core modules include:


   bullet 2 Vessel & cargo manifest information such as:

  • Shipment Entry.
  • Itemized data on each container associated with a bill of lading.
  • Entry of the containers associated with each bill of lading
  • Location of individual containers and loose cargo
  • Validation of bills of lading including waivers
  • Cargo release


   bullet 2 Warehousing

  • Manages Inventory
  • Accurate real-time tracking of inventory items within the warehouse
  • Scalable to allow for future business growth
  • Real-time reporting on statusand quantity of inventory
  • Allows the logistics centre/shipping agent to keep track of quantities for consignee and assign charges based on what has been removed from the warehouse


Management reports are delivered seamlessly. advantum logo  PORT MANAGER  features a powerful built-in query tool that facilitates ad hoc creation of custom, user specific reports. All reports can be saved and exported in various formats


    bullet 2Standard reports to support differentaspects of the customer’s operations such as:


  • Accounting – receivables, collections, revenue and client statements
  • Marketing – manifest information for prospecting, consignee
  • Operations & Logistics – inventory



Additional Features

The application will contain the following components:

  • Graphical dashboard that presents a snapshot view of the key performance indicators(KPI). Customers will be able to select the information to be displayed on the dashboard.
  • Report generator that will enable customers to create user defined reports
  • Validation of container numbers using check digits
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Tracking the movement of containers and parcels including barrels between different locations


Optional Modules: 

Recognizing that our customers’ needs may vary, we have developed optional features, which are highly customizable.


  • Interface to General Ledger/Accounting systems Exception and efficiency reports
  • Creation & management of customer specific charges
  • Hierarchical approval levels
  • Ability for your customers to access their account information and to track their shipments via the web
  • Invoice Review
  • Queries
  • Cargo Tracking


Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly
  • Friendly
  • Parameter driven
  • Transaction based
  • Automation of processes
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Quick retrieval of information throught search facilities
  • Affordable











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