advantum logo  eLabour allows employers to list available jobs within a specified window, and registered employees to have jobs assigned electronically. Within the shipping industry where Stevedoring Companies require labour, they are able to input their request online. The Stevedores are then able to have work assigned based on availability. The allocation of work is done via an IVR and/or web, as is the case for the Shipping Association of Jamaica.


Base Modules & User Function 

  • An online job requisition system, which will enable management to enter requirements for labour.
  • Job scheduling system allows for the matching of available jobs with specified criteria. This will essentially automate the current roll call procedure.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that facilitates telephone calls from employees to receive work assignments.
  • Integration with existing systems to share data such as employee details and leave information contained in a Human resource system and/or other such applications.


Who uses this system?

  •  Employers of labour on the port
  •  Operations Manager/Supervisor
  •  Senior Management
  •  Port Workers/Stevedores /
  •  Casual Personnel
  •  Timekeeper – Cargo Handling
  •  Health & Safety Personnel


Operations Managers/Supervisors are able to: 

  • Updates worker data, such as availability for work
  • Inputs messages
  • Views reports


Timekeeper is able to: 

  • View worker data
  • Input work requisitions
  • Approve labour requisitions
  • and changes received online
  • (Optional Module)
  • Input messages
  • Access the system to obtain their
  • work assignments
  • Receive Messages
  • Verify existing assignments


Deployment Process 

  • Port worker ascertains available work by dialling into the IVR.
  • The IVR requests that the user enter his/her employee number and PIN.
  • The system validates the user information and the caller is placed on hold while the system allocates available work.
  • The employee hears a message indicating the shift, berth, ship and other relevant work details.
  • The employee is also sent a SMS (text message) as back up
  • E-Labour also allows jobs to be assigned via the web.


Security & Control Requirements 

  • The system is equipped with a tamper proof audit trail.
  • Maintains a record of all messages or acknowledgements; also failures to
  • acknowledge messages for each recruiting period.
  • Workers are able to change their PIN number if necessary by liaising with the
  • Recruiting Manager. The PIN number corresponds with the employee’s number
  • and is randomly assigned.
  • The system generates a report of workers who called in and did not get
  • assignments so timekeepers can make contact with them if required.

Management Reports 

  • E-Labour generates a series of reports, standard and ad-hoc. 
  • Standard reports can be automated and sent electronically. These include:
  • Daily Deployment Report - by shift and stevedoring company.
  • Individual Stevedore Work History - by shift, days, terminal, month, week


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